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Coding and Modulation

Different forms of communications are one of the cornerstones of modern information infrastructure. However, the nature of signal transmission through communication channels (e.g. radio channel) represents an unfavourable environment for efficient communication. As a result, it is necessary to transform source data into the appropriate form for transmission using signal processing techniques. One of the most important techniques is channel coding, which in combination with efficient modulation schemes and protocols, significantly impacts performance of wideband communications and services.
Beyond Devices offers solutions for numerous standard communication system applications. If the data transmission (throughput, signal-to-noise ratio, etc.) requires customized data encoding/decoding systems, Beyond Devices’ specialists can design the most suitable coding mechanism and implementation based on required performance, size, power consumption, etc.
Possible soft and hard decision coding techniques range from legacy block coding, convolutional encoding and Viterbi decoding as well as Turbo encoder/decoder, LDPC, MIMO/MISO, and others using in-house intellectual property (IP).
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