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Beyond Devices offers turnkey solutions tailored to specific customer needs. Our in-depth knowledge of hardware as well as software gives us unique advantage when it comes to providing our customers with the most effective system designs for lowest total cost.
Beyond Devices employs all the key engineers who developed processors, signal processing IP, and complete ASICs as well as highly integrated system boards, and is thus best positioned to offer expert services for designs incorporating signal processing into a complete system. These services include SoC design, integration with 3rd party hardware, software and IP, IP core development and embedded software.
Our engagement in the customer product design cycle can start and end at any stage, based on customer preferences.
For more information about our services, contact us and we will discuss your project.

Customization Services
  • Customization and optimization of Beyond Devices products to address specific requirements of customer applications
  • Adding application specific signal processing features

Integration Services
  • Integration into customer system solutions, including digital broadcast transmission systems, scientific instrumentation installations, etc.
  • Integration and development of the required IP with emphasis on efficient design reuse
  • Specification of complex devices with early identification and elimination of ambiguities to avoid misunderstandings and re-engineering
  • System and/or performance goal based hardware/software partitioning
  • System performance and functionality validation
  • Functional verification with emphasis on existing verification IP reuse, cutting down on verification efforts
  • Prototyping and production of FPGA boards and ASIC prototype chips

Software Services
  • Porting operating systems and application software to Beyond Devices systems
  • Optimization of software to run efficiently on Beyond Devices systems, to meet customers requirements
  • Development of device drivers for Beyond Devices products
  • Customization of SDK for Beyond Devices products
Verilog HDL design capabilities
ASIC/FPGA design capabilities System design capabilities
IP core development FPGA prototype development System architecture and analysis
IP integration / modification System-on-Programmable Chip Design Embedded systems
Custom module development Digital ASIC development System-on-a-chip developments
Arithmetic IP System-on-Chip developments Error correction algorithms
Bus Interface & Protocol IP ASSP development Design specification
Computational IP Turn-key prototype design Feasibility Studies
Embedded FPGA processor Microprocessor integration Design Reviews
    Software development
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