Sales and R&D


The Beyond Devices team of experts has developed a range of technologies, algorithms and applications for the broadcast and precision timing markets that is without equal in the industry.
Our extensive experience with modulation techniques, signal processing, GNSS, as well as with the practicalities of years of field installations, means Beyond Devices has a rich libary of Intellectual Property to draw from when working on customer specific applications.
Beyond Devices' Adaptive Pre-Correction techniques provide the highest level of transmitted signal integrity and efficiency by dynamically compensating for distortions in the transmit channel. As a result, installation and commissioning times are dramatically reduced, and IMD problems resolved.
Beyond Devices also has an extensive Channel Encoding and Decoding portfolio, offering soft and hard decision coding techniques ranging from legacy block coding, convolutional encoding and Viterbi decoding, as well as Turbo encoder/decoder, LDPC, MIMO/MISO, and others using in-house intellectual property (IP).
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