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PAPR Reduction

PAPR (Peak-to-power ratio) reduction is one of the fundamental methods to reduce required HPA (High Power Amplifiers) linearity and increase transmitting power/efficiency when modern modulation formats with high spectral efficiency are being used.
In legacy broadcasting standards PAPR reduction was not included in RF symbol structure. As a consequence, the only available mechanism was to decrease crest factor of the broadcasting signal which inevitably affects MER of the transmitted signal and produces leakage into neighbouring channels.
Mordern standard offers a number of various PAPR reduction techniques with tone reservation being the most promising one. Although much harder to implement it greatly enhances HPA efficiency without sacrificing signal quality of the transmission. It is also compatible with other technologies such as rotated signal constellation.
Tone reservation as the name suggests reserves some of the carriers which are not being used to carry data thus slightly reducing channel throughput. However these tones are being transformed in such a way that it reduces peaks in the signal one peak at each iteration. Since there are fewer peaks in lower FFT modes, the PAPR reduction is more effective when shorter symbols are being used.
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