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PureDefinition DVB-T/H OEM Modulator

The PureDefinition™ DVB-T/H modulator offers laboratory grade, superior RF performance and outstanding linear and non-linear signal pre-correction functionality. It presents one of the most compact OEM solutions on the market, with a focus on reliability and high signal and timing accuracy. Numerous inputs enable seamless switching between transport streams to allow for reliable service, even if there is an interruption in data distribution.
The modulator signal pre-correction functionality is based on years of signal processing experience, and developed with contributions from transmitter manufacturers, to provide the best possible performance in high power amplifier linearisation and antenna filter compensation. Optional adaptive pre-correction functionality allows for optimum performance and shorter system solution manufacturing times.
The PureDefinition™ DVB-T/H modulator also features various test modes and monitoring outputs to enable the user easy and thorough analysis of the system during the installation and commissioning phase, and during operation to achieve a reliable broadcasting solution. Other features include operation at frequencies up to L frequency band, integrated GNSS for accurate timing, and management and data transfer over Gigabit Ethernet networks.
Different hardware and firmware configurations together with software functions allow for easy system integration and a high level of customization - a key to address the customer's needs in an economical manner without degrading performance.
Key Benefits
  • Leading modulation performance
  • Superior timing reference holdover stability
  • The most compact OEM DVB-T/H solution on the market
  • Integrated automatic adaptive digital pre-corrections
  • Single solution for VHF/UHF/L-BAND
  • Management and data streaming over IP networks
  • Direct API interfacing to major vendors
  • Free integration support at the customer site

Key Performance Characteristics
  • MER > 51dB in all modes of operation and all frequencies
  • Over 60dB shoulder suppression
  • Exceptionally low phase noise
  • 2μs/6h Holdover stability (typ.)
  • Better than +/- 0.5Hz/day frequency stability
  • +10dBm RF output power (optional)
Key features:
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Fully supported ETSI EN 300 744 standard
  • Multiple management ports (serial or BASE-T Fast Ethernet)
  • Gigabit Ethernet data port
  • Seamless switching between redundant input data ports
  • SFN and MFN operation
  • Integrated GNSS with high precision OCXO
  • PAPR reduction
  • Automatic adaptive digital pre-corrections
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